100% Grassfed Cattle

white creek field stockers.jpg

California's grassland ecosystems co-evolved with grazing ungulates.  The art of raising cattle exclusively on grass is the art of encouraging this natural relationship.  By rotating our animals from pasture to pasture we facilitate the rest grasses need to flourish.  And when the grasses flourish, so do our animals.  Our thrifty mama cows spend their lives grazing the harsh rangeland that characterizes our Mediterranean climate.  With each rotation we hope to encourage a shift toward perennial California native species.  They leave our bottom-land clover pastures to their offspring, which fatten to tender and marbled by around 24 months.




We are excited about our new and expanding lamb program.  Under the watchful eyes of our guardian dog, Buddy, our lambs are born out on pasture and then are rotated like the cattle.  Once weaned, they fatten on a 100% pasture diet of white and red clover, rye grass, fescue, sour dock, plantain, harding grass, and orchard grass, with the occasional thistle thrown in. They are sold at around 8 months of age.